RenegadeX: Patch 5.463

Ukazała się kolejna aktualizacja dla RenagadeX oznaczona numerem 5.463.  Nowa łątka wprowadza kilkanaście poprawek do znalezionych błędów,  usprawnia balans gry, kolejne ułatwienia dla graczy tzw. „Quality of Life”, poprawione mapy: Arctic Stronghold, BH Daybreak oraz Oasis, jak również wprowadza dość znaczące zmiany w korzystaniu z ładunków C4. Oryginalne info znajdziecie poniżej, jak również w oficjalnym wpisie na forum  strony RenegadeX.


| Additions |

  • A personal mine count for Proximity C4 is now used for mines outside of buildings. These will disappear when you change character or die
  • The damage vignette now also applies for heals and commander buffs

| Bug Fixes |

  • Fixed repairing through smoke
  • Fixed beacons being able to stack/not disarm
  • Fixed dead bodies blocking repair beams
  • Fixed standard dev flags not showing
  • Fixed weapon crates giving duplicates
  • Fixed servers crashing when adding a high number of bots
  • Tech buildings should show the right team colour all the time now on minimap/overview map
  • Fixed Harvesters only giving 2VP in NvN mode
  • Fixed 'team kill’ when suiciding

| Quality of Life |

  • Handbrake button should be bindable separately, in the Input settings, from the crouch button now
  • Vehicle lock button is now bindable in the Input settings
  • You can now pick up your own mines
  • Disabled mouse smoothing by default

| Balance |

  • [NvN] Increased the Bradley’s base health from 600 to 800
  • VP for healing infantry changed from 2VP for 200 to 1VP for 100
  • Repair Facility repair range increased. Repair rate increased from 40 to 70
  • Nod Turret veterancy gains increased slightly


| Visuals / Audio |

  • Added more dev flags

| Maps |

Arctic Stronghold:

  • Slightly reduced Obelisk Range
  • Removed the rock that blocked GDI’s rocket rush perch

BH Daybreak:

  • Fixed the PT


  • Added Repair Pad
  • Reverted lighting to dynamic

| Misc |

  • Made a single interface for target-able objects to simplify the targetting

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