Nova Modding Team – wywiad [EN]

Myla: Could You tell us something about You and your modding team?

Bryan: Well more about me, I’m 18 (19 in august) and set to leave for the US Marine Corps June 16th. My team is currently working very hard on the Generals mod, World War 3 (Which is undergoing a name addition, “World War 3: Call to Arms” is the top runner so far.) Currently on our team we have well over 10 staff members. Nova has gone under a lot of changes and one of the biggest changes Is going be happening soon. More on that later.

Myla: When WW3 mod will be released?

Bryan: Right now we are aiming for a early 2004 release. Public Beta will out before then!

Myla: What makes your mod special from the other mods in the community?

Bryan: Well, I think we have a great team and very well organized. We listen to the public and our forums are pretty active. One thing that makes us special from other mods would probably be what we have planned for the public.

Myla: Could You tell us something about new units included in WW3?

Bryan: Most are realistic, such as modern or soon to be modern. All are skinned to our style, as we seen them in real life, not generals style.

Myla: What do you think about other mods? Which is your favorite and why?

Bryan: I respect all other mods for taking the time to do something for the community on their time. One of my personal favorite mods is Blitzkrieg 2 as it has some of the nicest skins around.

Myla: What about mod soundtrack? Are You planning to put some new music tracks in to the game?

Bryan: Yes we are making our own music from our Music Producer Hellweed. We have two of his tracks available for download in our download section on our site.

Myla: What is the current work progress? Could You describe it in details?

Bryan: Right now we have shifted to creating all the buildings. We’re going create all the USA , Russia, UAN buildings first. Put those in game, and do some more vehicles then work on the other sides.

Myla: ok Thx a lot 😀