9-Bit Armies już 23 lutego we wczesnym dostępie

Panie i Panowie, nadeszła wiekopomna chwila, już 23 lutego 9-Bit Armies będzie dostępne we wczesnym dostępie. Przedsmak nowej produkcji Petroglyph Games mogliśmy już poczuć podczas Next Festiwal, gdzie w nasze ręce oddane zostało demo gry, ale komu było mało, 9-Bit Armies czeka na Was. Dwie zupełnie nowe frakcje, dwie zróżnicowane kampanie,  nowe tryby rozgrywki, bitwy morskie i wiele wiele innych. Pełny opis poniżej

The Game

  • Two Factions: Two fully fleshed out but asymmetrically opposed factions in the Overlords and Sentinels
  • A Classic RTS Campaign: A 12-mission campaign with a retro style. Level up as you progress, unlocking new units and veterancy as your persistent army advances.
  • Co-Op: Play the entire campaign with a friend or go it alone, your choice.
  • Skirmish: Customizable PVE game mode playing against AI bots of other players.
  • Online Games: Online matchmaking for competitive player vs. player battles
  • Custom Lobbies: Public and private lobbies for tailored gaming sessions
  • Sonic Soundscape: An all-new soundtrack from award-winning video game composer Frank Klepacki.

The New

  • Challenge Mode: Compete for the top spot in daily scenarios, testing your strategic prowess against players on the worldwide leaderboard.
  • Naval Warfare: Explore expansive maps featuring islands and archipelagos, introducing a new layer of strategy with naval-based gameplay.
  • New Base Building: New MEGA-structures, super-sized and extra-deadly. New superweapons and a mobile HQ to rapidly expand your power across the map.
  • Bridges: Utilize bridges to reach islands or deny access to the enemy ground troops with our new game mechanic that dynamically changes strategies.
  • All New AI: Advanced new AI personalities that adapt and respond in dynamic ways. Adjust difficulty, personality and buff/debuff modifiers to taste.
  • Modding Support: New engine upgrades support extensive modding capabilities with lua, allowing players to create and share custom maps, game modes, and units with each other on the Steam Workshop.

The Planned

  • Sentinels Campaign: Continue the fight and flip the script as the Sentinels in the second campaign.
  • 9-Bit TV: Relive your best moments or livestream intense matches to an audience with new replays and observer modes.
  • Enhanced Tutorial: A better first time RTS-player experience. Easy to learn, hard to master.
  • More Challenges: New ways to play and compete with unique game modifiers and scenarios.
  • More Maps: Official and endorsed community maps for every occasion.


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