OpenRA i nowy playtest

W oczekiwaniu na kolejną wersję OpenRA, wczoraj do naszych rąk trafiła kolejna wersja testowa. Zmian jest całkiem sporo i dotyczą rozgrywki zarówno w Tiberian DAwn, Red Alert jak i Dune 2000 oraz samego silnika OpenRA. Pełny wykaz zmian i wprowadzonych poprawek znajdziecie tutaj. Jak zapowiadają autorzy projektu, ma to być ostatni publiczny test przed najbliższą aktualizacją, która ma nastąpić jeszcze w tym miesiącu ( luty).



„Playtest 20210131

General Improvements

  • Fixed production rally points not drawing from the building’s exit point. [#18987]
  • Fixed production structures using the wrong exits under some situations. [#18988]
  • Fixed a crash when a production structure is captured at the same time it builds a unit. [#19009]
  • Fixed a crash when a non-admin player tried to switch maps in the lobby. [#18984]
  • Fixed lobby options not being reported to the first player who joins a dedicated server. [#19000]
  • Fixed support power targetting cursor not resetting when the power cannot be activated. [#19032]
  • Fixed Discord join button not allowing spectators to join after player slots were filled. [#19007]
  • Added a per-player handicap option to the lobby in all mods. [#18971#19083]
  • Added a setting to pause the shellmap. [#18973]
  • Added map and server name to Discord details. [#19010]

Map Editor

  • Fixed the map editor adding Health: 100 to actors that are edited. [#18989]

Red Alert

  • Fixed infantry stopping next to buildings when attack-moving. [#19030]
  • Fixed bot-controlled aircraft sometimes stopping mid-air above submerged submarines. [#19036]
  • Added minigame Oil Spill. [#18934]
  • Added Aftermath mission Shock Therapy. [#18943]
  • Reduced Tanya fire rate and polished fire animation. [#19064]
  • Removed civilians spawning from civilian buildings to avoid mission bugs. [#19069]
  • Fixed a performance bug in the Exodus mission. [#18979]
  • Fixed missing/incorrect Shock Trooper and Mechanic voices. [#18967#18964]
  • Fixed infantry death animations playing too fast. [#19096]
  • Fixed the country palette remap for mission: [#18950]
    • Fall of Greece 1: Personal War
    • Siberian Conflict 1: Fresh Tracks
    • Production Disruption

Tiberian Dawn

  • Fixed several incorrect explosion/firing sound effects. [#18960#18972#18977]
  • Fixed SAM Sites changing state while powered down. [#18996#19099]
  • Fixed that Commandos could target visceroids despite dealing no damage. [#19017]
  • Fixed the hospital healing the civilians in mission Nod 7b. [#19078]
  • Balance changes [#19017]
    • Bike: Reload Delay 50 -> 60
    • Apache: Health 12000 -> 12500
    • APC: AA Light Damage: 140 -> 125, Turn Speed: 20 -> 28
    • Apache: Wood Damage: 50 -> 75
    • Stealth Tank: Cost 1000 -> 900
    • Visceroid: Wood -> Light Armor, Health: 30000 -> 40000
    • Changed husks to be less vulnerable to weapon damage

Dune 2000

  • Fixed incorrect sound effects for building power down/up and radar. [#19051]
  • Fixed bugs caused by Sardarkaurs using wrong weapons. [#19061]
  • Fixed Concrete being placed on invalid terrain. [#19100]

Engine and Modding

  • Fixed wrong VS Code launch configurations. [#18954]
  • Fixed checks on Windows not reporting errors properly. [#18963]
  • Fixed a crash when invalid data is returned when querying multiplayer servers. [#19101]
  • Added a friendly description for optional types to the trait documentation. [#18991]
  • Added death types support to the Lua Kill() API. [#19038]
  • Added support for burst-specific infantry attack animations. [#19064]
  • Fixed AI unit orders sending unnecessary amounts of network traffic. [#19005]
  • Changed make.ps1 clean to suppress error messages. [#19085]
  • Changed make.ps1 to download GeoIP data from OpenRA’s mirror. [#19031]
  • Changed make.ps1 to remove nonfunctional docs target. [#19102]


  • Fixed an incorrect comment in install_assemblies_mono. [#18953]
  • Fixed Nuget error NU1101: Unable to find package. [#18968]
  • Fixed a reference to an outdated SDL 2 nuget package. [#19004]
  • Fixed itch deployment downloading from the wrong URL. [#19022]
  • Fixed apt metadata not getting updated before installing dependencies. [#19041]
  • Fixed DESTDIR being not properly implemented regarding Linux packaging. [#19006]
  • Fixed AppStream metadata using deprecated folder and filename. [#19006]
  • Fixed make check ignoring TARGETPLATFORM override. [#19057]
  • Restored the missing versioned source code package. [#18999]”

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